Against All Odds - Angie McKeon
DNF at 54%

"Against all Odds" had a rather intense start but I felt myself gradually losing interest in this story. One of the reasons for that was the MC - While I understand her vulnerability and empathize with the difficult situation that she was going through, some of her actions were really selfish and overly dramatic, she comes across as immature and shallow and while I could easily overcome this type of character, enjoy the story/ other characters, unfortunately, I couldn't find any of them compelling enough.

Another reason for my indifference towards the couple was the development of their backstory: we get some flashbacks but the main focus is on the turning point of their relationship and until this point (54%) we don't get to see what happened before that(how they met/the beginning of their relationship etc.) and I think I needed to know more about this couple to understand their connection and to care for their relationship.

Before reading I was also curious to see the development of the open-marriage theme but I'm also disappointed with that, I think the approach to this type of relationship and its dynamics needed more depth.

For these reasons, I just couldn't feel the intensity that other readers felt while reading 'Against all odds', instead I was just rooting for some character in this book to suggest some couples therapy or a divorce lawyer to the main couple to end their torment and my growing frustration with this story.