The Resurrection of Aubrey Miller - L.B. Simmons
DNF at 41%

After putting this one aside (around 30%) because I was not in the mood for it, today, after reading some other raving reviews, I decided to give it another try. Unfortunately I read about 10% more and it didn't get any better. After that, I read other reviews that pointed out some of the same issues I was getting while reading the first 40% of the book which gave me the insight needed to consolidate my decision to DNF.

I think the "Resurrection of Aubrey Miller" had an interesting premise but from the very beginning I noticed some similarities to other NA books, especially "I Love you to death". This is related to the centrality of the 'death' theme and the similar effect that it has on both MCs. While I understand that the circumstances are different, these similarities and absence of originality affected my interest in the story.

I also felt that the connection between Kaeleb and Aubrey/Raven was a bit forced. I understand why they felt it, but the intensity was a bit unrealistic given the number of years they were apart and how young they were. Also, when I first decided to put the book down the dialogues between them were getting a bit cheezy.

While I could easily overcome these issues if the story/characters captivated me along the way, unfortunately, that never happened. I liked the narrator's voice and the fact that it wasn't overly dramatic but at some point I started to feel like I was being "told" to feel sorry for the MC because of all the tragedies she endured. I like emotional reads and I understand why some readers might find this story inspirational, but as a reader I need a more subtle approach to truly appreciate the character's journey and for that I would need the author to give me more margin for interpretation.