At Your Beck & Call - Jane Harvey-Berrick

DNF at 48%

At Your Beck & Call is not your common contemporary romance about a male escort, which is not a bad thing. Escorts/strippers/pornstars (whatever the latest trend is in this genre) are not my favorite subject or something that would compel me to read a book but, in this case, the promise of a story with more depth, along with the unconventional romance got me interested in reading this book.

Initially, I liked the narrator's voice, but he got a bit rude along the way(is this a tendency on male's POV?) and some of his statements were a turn off, nevertheless, the story is convincing and it had a good start: the way he became a male escort is realistic and I think the author’s purpose is to offer an insight into an escort's life and to convey the impact that leading this kind of life has on a person. I was really looking forward to this, because it is an original concept in this genre and I like that the author, until this point, doesn't try to romanticize this reality.

Unfortunately, the first half of the book only delivers Hallen's back-story and the retelling of his first 7 years as an escort, which means 170 pages (approx.) of job after job, client after client - it’s tedious and when you fall asleep during a sex scene is not a very good sign...I understand that, perhaps, the intention is to show that there is nothing glamorous/exciting about an escort's life but, unfortunately, while I liked the story’s concept, its execution was disappointing, it became extremely repetitive which made me lose interest in the story.

Finally, I have to say that I loved some of the author’s previous work, I really like her writing and I’m looking forward to read more from Jane Harvey-Berrick but, unfortunately, for the reasons I mentioned before, I'm going to have to DNF At Your Beck & Call