The Intern: Vol. 1 - Brooke Cumberland

In the first installment of The Intern by Brooke Cumberland, we meet Cecilia, a confident, driven and resourceful 18-year old girl.

When she was younger, Cecilia was shot during the same brutal attack that killed her father. Ceci never got closure but, being a resourceful girl, she comes up with a plan to unravel the mystery behind her father's death, which involves an internship at a company where she can have access to the files of her father’s murder case. However, Ceci is a high school senior and not eligible for the internship, so she “borrows” her older sister identity to apply to this weekend internship at Leighton Enterprises.

At Leighton Enterprises, she meets Bentley Leighton, 24-years-old, a former model, the owner’s son and soon to be CEO. Bentley is also Ceci’s new boss.
In the first part of this serial we follow Cecilia and Bentley while they "try" to fight their mutual attraction and as Cecilia tries to juggle her "feelings" towards her boss and her plan to find out the truth about her father's death.

First of all, I have to say that I liked the premise and I think the concept was very interesting but, unfortunately, my overall opinion about this book is not a positive one.

“Okay, Veronica Mars,” he scowls. “You couldn’t be more wrong, detective.”

Throughout the story there are some references that suggest that Cecilia is a "little detective" but, unfortunately, she's no Veronica Mars. While I liked the MC's voice in the beginning, I felt like she gradually lost her bravado and some times, her only focus seemed to be her attraction towards her boss.

As the story progressed, I felt that the mystery was put on the back burner and the sole focus was on the sexual tension between Ceci and Bentley, which also felt a bit forced due to an excessive amount of sexual innuendos and several mentions of Bentley’s hard-ons.

Also, their attraction escalated a little bit too quickly and the forbidden aspect about their relationship (already mitigated by their reduced age-difference) could’ve been intensified if they tried to resist their attraction and fight their feelings with more conviction instead of engaging in make out sessions at the office.I think I needed the connection between them to have more depth and not be entirely based on the intense physical attraction between the two.

[cue the boner]

I lost count of how many times the guy had a boner since he met Cecilia, they even address the issue:

“You have no idea,” he growls. “My cock’s been hard for weeks.”
I giggle at the image. “Perhaps you need to see a doctor.”
He aggressively yanks my bra down and pulls my nipple into his mouth. All humor gone.

Bentley, comes across as spoiled and immature and while he was constantly turned on, I was constantly getting turned off by his domineering tendencies and his out of character ‘alpha’ ways.

Another major turn off was a sudden possessive speech triggered by a debate on birth control options. On their first sexual encounter, Bentley guilt-trips Ceci to get on the pill, because he doesn’t want to wear a condom:

“That’s a problem, Ceci. I need to get a condom on.”
I curse the fact that I’m not on the damn pill as he pulls out and backs off the bed. I watch as he walks to his dresser and quickly grabs one from the drawer.
He strides over to the bed and grabs my hands, pulling me up, so we’re chest to chest. “You get on that pill as soon as fucking possible.”
“I will,” I promise.

Yes, she promises to get on the pill to have unprotected sex with the former man-whore who doesn’t want to wear condoms.

Like I’ve said before, she’s no Veronica Mars.

But, perhaps I should see this as a promise of commitment. You know, the usual possessive behavior that precedes a change of heart from the commitment-phobe...right?

"Because the things I want to do to you—and places I want to fuck you—have no time to roll a damn condom on."

Wrong. The pill is just for the sake of time-management, after all, he’s a soon-to-be CEO, he doesn’t have time for condoms.

The originality of the story ends at its premise, this rant and low rating reflects that.

Finally, while I could be a little curious about the mystery behind Cecilia’s father’s death, (which BTW I don't think it's not going to be difficult to figure it out since Bentley, the former model has a password that any Veronica Mars wannabe could easily guess:

Access approved."

), unfortunately, I’m not interested in this kind of romance to keep reading this story.
In the meantime, I just hope she doesn’t get an STD.

ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review