Tethered - L.D. Davis
DNF at the 20th Tether (around 40%)

I promised myself I would finish this book but I just can't, I TRIED!

Tethered had a good start but along the way it became a spiral of teenage angst, unnecessary drama, scatological references. oh and let's not forget the "omnipresent" tether:

"We shared a link, a tether, an invisible line that kept us together even when we were apart"

"The long invisible tether tightened. I knew who was coming without having to look. I could feel him. My eyes always find him and he always finds me. I stopped questioning it long ago."


"He would always tug on that tether and I would always return."

"Despite the fact that I also felt that invisible…tether…"

"That tether never did go away and though we weren’t physically closer"


"The tether slackened some now as I felt him approaching me in the crowded hallway at school. "

"The invisible tether slackened. My back was to the door..."

"Did he feel that slack in the tether as I hurried up the driveway?"


"The tether between us feels comfortable, not stretched or twisted"

"The tether hummed with pleasure between us"

"I watched him walk away, pulling on my tether, as the ice-cream melted in my hand."

"That tether, however, was very much intact."

"This time when I felt the tether contracting, I got irritated."

"My tether was stretched to the point of pain."

"I would never doubt the tether again."

"That tether between Emmet and me strummed uncomfortably."

"The tether stretched. It pulled. It twisted. It hurt."


She mentions the tether 47 fucking times.

When she's not mentioning the tether, she's breaking up with the guy.

The book has 500+ pages, my tether to this story is not strong enough to finish it - I'm not masochistic enough for this tether torture.


"We will always be tethered."