Reasonable Doubt - Whitney Gracia Williams
2.5 to 3 STARS

My overall opinion about this second installment of Reasonable Doubt by Whitney Gracia Williams is that we are exactly in the same place that we were on, at the end of book 1. Except for a few revelations about Andrew's past, I felt no evolution whatsoever in Aubrey and Andrew's relationship.

What I pointed out as one of the things that I really liked about book 1 - the balance between the "steam" and the plot development - in this second installment, i feel like the opposite happened: there was too much focus on the steam and none on the story development. I need more depth in this relationship, with a good balance between the amount of sex scenes, sexual innuendos and meaningful conversations.

About the characters: Andrew is still an asshole and while we have more explanations about his past and his antics, I felt that some scenes were there just to reiterate that he is an asshole - I found him less loveable in this book.

But my major disappointment is with Aubrey’s character. I really liked her in the first book, but some of her attitudes in this one make her seem weak/ spineless: it was not enjoyable for me to see her cave so easily to Andrew, and in those circumstances ?! in the bathroom, while he was on a date with other woman, really? , it shows no self-respect on her part.

Where is the fun banter that we had on book 1?

Also, during their "arguments" I never felt that there was a balance between Aubrey and Andrew: he always had the upper hand, she was "all talk", no real actions. Please don’t take the same route of the other 100001 books in this genre: don't turn the female character into a damn doormat!

Finally, I have to say that I still enjoyed the humor and the writing but, in the next book, I really need Aubrey to step up her game and I need to see some real, substantial story development.