The Prince (The Original Sinners) - Tiffany Reisz

"He wished that the mathematics of the world were like the mathematics of the heart - then his equal love and hate would mean he felt nothing instead of double."

The Prince (The Original Sinners, #3), is the most intense and complex book in this series so far. Following the events of the second book of the series, in this 3rd book, we are taken to Kentucky for Nora’s reunion with Wesley and at the same time, we follow Kingsley and Søren, that return to the place where they first met, in order to find out who is the person behind some mysterious threats.

Simultaneously, we also get a better understanding of Kingsley and Søren's past, provided by an additional storyline that takes place during their school years.

In books with more than one storyline, I find it difficult to be engaged in each one of them equally, in this case, while the pace, suspense and transitions between each chapter are flawless and the writing is, once again, brilliant, I felt like the chapters in the present were overshadowed by the intensity of the chapter in the past: Søren and Kingsley's school years, which was the best part of this book for me.

The chapters in which we follow Søren and Kingsley’s were utterly compelling, giving us a bigger understanding of both characters and a deeper insight into their relationship dynamics. Disturbing yet fascinating, for me, the highlight of this book was the undeniable chemistry (yet fucked up) between Kingsley and Søren, which conveys an intensity that I’m yet to feel between Nora and Søren.

This was definitely the most heavy/dark book so far, extremely violent at times and both emotionally and psychologically challenging - definitely not for the faint of heart.

On the other hand, while entertaining and emotional, the chapters set in the South/Present were a bit of a let-down. Nora and Wesley have lost their "spark", which is probably a prediction of what's to come.

I think this 3rd book is more revealing about Søren but, I'm still trying to warm up to this character, while I understand his appeal, I'm still trying to feel it. This is probably related to the fact that my perception of Søren is mostly being formed through the other characters observations of him.This 3rd book is more revealing and Søren had some significant moments in it but I need more actions from him, more show and less tell, which I hope to get in the following books/novellas.

"For to get close to Søren meant walking through fire, stepping on glass, crawling through hell."

Overall, except for Kingsley, which is my favorite character in this 3rd book, I feel like I'm less invested in the main characters, especially Nora ( my favorite character in the first book)

Also, the mystery reveal felt a bit anti-climactic, it was perhaps a little far-fetched. After the panic inducing cliffhanger at the end of this book I had to start the next book right away (in part, because I wanted to confirm the “thief” identity, I guess I was in denial) and I’m slightly disappointed with this aspect.

Finally, I have to say that despite my issues this was still a terrific book, another page-turner with phenomenal writing that delivers some heart wrenching, disconcerting and unforgettable moments. This series is truly one of a kind, one of the most original and interesting stories I’ve ever read.

An absolute must read (and probably re-read).

“I’m currently imagining a few creative ways of causing you extraordinary amounts of pain.”
Kingsley raised his chin. Mere inches separated their faces.
“Stop flirting. You know we don’t have time for that.”