Remember When 3: The Finale (Remember Trilogy #3) - T. Torrest


They were in High School, in the late 80’s and we watched them develop a strong friendship, fall in love and experience all the emotions of a first love.


They parted ways but 10 years later they had a second chance, that, unfortunately, led to heartbreak.



Five years since they last saw each other, a major event in Trip’s life brings them back together.



Both Trip and Layla have changed, they are now in their 30’s, Trip is a movie star and Layla is a writer, but they still are Trip and Layla - the great characters we’ve grown to love and even 15 years after they first met, their feelings for each other are still as strong. There's no drama or unnecessary angst around their reunion, they are older, this is their third chance and they are sure about the feelings they have for each other, so things happen really quickly. It’s romantic, playful,



and really passionate, as in "let’s make up for the time we lost".



'Remember When 3' is the conclusion of this series but it also represents a new beginning for Trip and Layla. In this installment they are a couple and we follow them as they face some challenges created by this new circumstances, life in Hollywood, but also as they deal with some elements of their pasts




I love that there's no exaggeration or major drama going on but it’s still emotional and engaging.I think this was a satisfying ending that will leave the reader with a heartwarming feeling.


I love the 'Remember When' trilogy by Tina Torrest : it’s emotional, romantic, nostalgic, sexy, hilarious and heartwarming. Original and well-written, it is definitely one of my favorite series and I recommend it to everyone.



Unforgettable story!


❤ Thanks to all the ladies in this BR