Good  - S. Walden

Reading 'Good' was a struggle. I had high expectations and I’m incredibly disappointed. I can't remember a time when I was so frustrated and angry while reading a book and I don’t know how many times I thought about giving up on reading it. If I had to sum-up this reading experience...         



                                  cue the shock…or not.





The exaggeration behind some situations, that were suppose to be shocking, never allowed me to feel that. There were some extreme scenes that only revealed a clear intention to shock the reader, and in my opinion some of them didn't make sense and some moments were disturbingly stupid.



“Nice job, Marcus,” the bouncer said as he looked me over, checked my ID, and looked me over again. “Not even legal.” He held up his fist, and Mark bumped it. “Score.”




His hands crept lower until they rested on my ass.
"We're in public!"
"We're in a dark room surrounded by people who don't give a shit about us," Mark replied. "Now be quiet and let me enjoy your ass."




Now, I’m gonna make you uncomfortable for just a second,” he said. “You cool with that?”
"I guess," I replied, feeling my heartbeat increase. I didn't know what he planned to say. Or do.
“I would never do something you didn’t want me to, but I hope in the future, you let me go down on you,” he said.
“Because I really really wanna eat you out”. He shrugged and grinned. “Eventually.”



and it gets worse.


If I had to use only a word to describe this book it would be... Flasher.




There is a purpose to shock, just for the sake of it and that affected my interested in the story and its credibility. Don't get me wrong, I'm pretty open-minded and this feeling is in no way caused by the teacher-student taboo/ age difference between the characters or the religious elements in this story.




What I found really disturbing about this book was the way the author opted to develop the relationship between Cadence and Mark, there's no 'connection' between them, there's no passion, it’s awkward, weird and ridiculous, but most of all, and like others already stated, Mark acts like a creep and a predator, so in my opinion, romanticizing the character and this kind of relationship it's not acceptable and I can’t point out anything positive about it.


'Good' in one sentence: This is wrong, but if feels so…wrong.


This is my opinion and I would never discourage someone to read a book,so if you're interested, see for yourself.