Remember When 2: The Sequel (Remember Trilogy #2) - T. Torrest
Brilliant sequel! 5 ★★★★★+ After the outstanding debut that was 'Remember When' - for those of you who didn't read the 1st book, yet... what are you waiting for?! It's AMAZING, check out all the great reviews it's been getting and fall in love with this amazing story! Here's mine :D So, as you can imagine I had extremely high expectations for RW2, well, they were more than exceeded! T.Torrest does it again, what an incredibly talented writer! I absolutely loved Trip and Layla (even more, if that's possible!)and all that angst and sexual tension between them... it was great! Excellent writing, well developed storyline and and it was really good to see the fantastic witty humour still present. Like the first book, Remember When 2, was really entertaining, a page-turner, I could not put it down. This story just keeps getting interesting, I'm really curious about book 3, cannot wait for it!! That said, this is one of the best series I've ever read! READ IT! LOVE IT and spread the word about this amazing series!