Remember When (Remember Trilogy, #1) - T. Torrest
Oh.My.Spandex! It's rare when a book manage to grab my attention from page one and that happened when I started 'Remember When' and well ... I could not put it down! This book will take you to the late 80's/early 90's, it really captures the essence of that singular era and even if you didn't grew up in that time, the references and the author's use of vivid and descriptive language conveys the imagery from that decade that we all have from watching those great 80's movies. Here's an example:'Lisa had finished getting her gym clothes on and was checking out her hair in the mirror. I couldn’t imagine why she’d feel the need to make adjustments considering the amount of gel, mousse and hairspray keeping that bouffant in check. A mere costume change wasn’t going to be enough to ruffle that ‘do. I mean, we all had big hair, but Lisa’s was usually tornado-proof'Set in high school I reccomend it to everyone who loves a good story about that 'first love', this book more than exceeded my expectations, I loved everything about it, it was FUNNY as hell:'Trip cruised over to his side of the truck and slid himself behind the wheel. As he put the key in the ignition, I made the decision that whatever song was playing on the radio at that moment would be burned forever into my brain as “our song”. He turned the key... and New Kids on the Block came blaring out of the speakers singing “The Right Stuff”. Okay, fine. The next song would be the one.'That said, this book was a trip, speaking of... 'Trip Wiley' our future movie star, he's the new cool kid, unatainable, misterious, confident and as described:"...unexpectedly goofy. And silly (...) More like Rob Lowe guest-hosting Saturday Night Live pretending to be dorky. You know, dorky... but still incredibly hot"- You cannot help to fall in love with him. And then we have 'Layla' I absolutely adored her, she's really down to earth, sensitive, loveable, regular teenage girl with all the insecurities, it's easy to relate to her, and she's really funny, quirky and sassy. She has some histerical moments like a certain 'talk' to God after a steamy scene in the bathroom.They are both great characters and you really connect with them. It's great to watch their journey and their relationship, from the crush, the awkward moments, to the friendship/love and the heartache... I do not give 5 stars ratings often but it's inevitable when a book can make you laugh and cry (I admit it, I might have shed a tear or two).In my opinion 'Remember When' really should be getting more attention, it really is a great story, entertaining, authentic, original, sweet, funny, and the writing is wonderful, flawless and really SMART - looking forward to read more from T.Torrest. And by the way this 1st book does NOT end with a cliffhanger, it has bittersweet ending and you'll definitely want more, you get to read an excerpt from the second book in the end of this one that will leave you with a stupid grin on your face, this first book really sets the bar high for the next one. I cannot wait for it!!Don't waste any more time, buy 'Remember When' and meet Trip and Layla :) You will not be dissapointed!LOVED IT!! READ IT!!