Sins & Needles - Karina Halle


'Sins & Needles' is the first installment of 'The Artists Trilogy' by Karina Halle and also the first book of what I know is going to be one of my favorite series. It has it all: originality; strong characters; suspense; mystery, romance and a kick-ass female character - Ellie Watt.



She's one of the most interesting and complex characters I've ever read, I love deeply flawed characters because there's so much potential for them to grow, so of course I love Ellie and all her flaws, vulnerability and strength.



Camden McQueen...



*sigh* Camden is intriguing,charming, nerdy, adorable, sexy, tortured. A tattoo artist and a musician which is an irresistible mix, add dimples to that and it's kryptonite.



Ellie is someone who's trying to escape her past but that's difficult when in you're past you dated and conned a drug lord, Mr. Javier Bernal a smooth criminal...



Now that you have some of the ingredients of this explosive story, if you haven't read this book yet, hold on to your seat and get ready for one hell of a ride. I love this story because it's different and unique, it doesn't conform to the usual and overused contemporary romance formula, it has romance but the story goes beyond that, 'The Artist Trilogy' presents an alternative and Karina Halle's writing is nothing less than brilliant.




One of the best books I've read in 2013 - Intense, dark, gritty, suspenseful, daring, sexy, heartbreaking, addictive, thrilling and unpredictable.



'Sins & Needles' is one of a kind. An absolute must read that will leave you desperate for more


Now, if you are Team Camden, click here and drool...