Jane's Melody - Ryan Winfield
4.5 STARS I'm a strong supporter of the 'don't judge a book by its cover' motto, but in this case, you should. This story is just as beautiful as the book cover and as original as its title. I loved the unique premise, plot, the characters that are complex and memorable and finally the author's, flawless and sensitive approach to such difficult subjects.The unconventional love story between 'Jane' and 'Caleb' is PASSIONATEand BEAUTIFUL I really enjoyed reading this story and I was torn between 4/5 stars because I felt that some elements needed a little more detail, but that aspect didn't influence my interest on the book.Jane's Melody' is a unique, intense and deeply moving story.It's really engaging and the writing is absolutely brilliant, I'm looking forward to read more from this talented author!