Seize Me (Breakneck, #1) - Crystal Spears
2 StarsThat gif translates how I feel after reading this book. I'm going through a biker read withdrawal and this book’s premise looked interesting so I gave it a try, but I really struggled through it and almost DNF. I think the relationship between ‘Braxxon’ and ‘Winter’ was too sudden, some elements seemed really forced and I was prepared for the rape, drugs and violent scenes that are common in biker books, but I did not like the approach the author gave to it - it didn’t make sense to me. That’s why I have to rate this 2 stars, one star is for the writing and the other is for Winter’s gummy bear addiction.Finally, I have to say that since the ‘Undeniable’ series by Madeline Sheehan that I cannot find a biker book that can compare to those. I liked 'Reaper’s Property', 'Motorcycle Man' but not as much as I loved 'Undeniable' and ‘Unbeautifully’, so maybe I’m ruined for other MC books? I don't know!I think, in the meantime, I’ll re-read ‘Undeniable’/watch SOA and just ride…This is my honest opinion, other people here on GR loved it so if you want to, see for yourself.