Taming the Beast - Emily Maguire
"Taming the beast" by Emily McGuire is not an easy book to read, it deals with heavy and controversial subjects - it's uncomfortable and disturbingly interesting.From my experience, books that evoke strong reactions and opposing views, like this one does, are usually the most interesting.This book is 'dark', raw and honest and, despite my initial efforts to "look" at it with some objectivity, I became so engrossed in Sarah Clark's tragic story that taking an objective approach was practically impossible and because of that, it was even more difficult to "watch" her self-destructive behavior."Taming the Beast" is not for the faint of heart because sometimes it's extremely violent. It's also really well-written and well-developed and when I was reading some of those extreme and gory scenes they never felt 'forced'.Complex and emotionally powerful - I felt restless, frustrated, angry,shocked and profoundly sad while reading this book. "Taming the beast" by Emily McGuire is disconcerting and haunting.