Lick - Kylie Scott
4 to 4.5 'guitar licks' Like many of you, I'm a sucker for this kind of stories, so I saw the cover, read the blurb and thought: rock musician? HELL YEAH!'Lick' was an awesome surprise!So, let's start with the characters:I really liked 'Evelyn', she's not a groupie or anything like that, she's just a down-to-earth/play it safe, regular kind of girl who just wanted to have some fun in Vegas, but then she drinks too many tequila shots and gets hitched with a rock star (poor girl...) The morning after, she wakes up with all the symptoms of a 'To-Kill-ya' hangover:a) Amnesia; b) A tramp stamp; c) A giant rock on her finger; d) A hot tattooed guy next to her.She doesn't recognize her new husband, they part ways, but what happens in Vegas does NOT stay in Vegas (especially when a rock star is involved), word gets out and the inevitable happens:But let's not get ahead of ourselves, the tattooed guy is 'David', the guitarist for 'Stage Dive' (cool band name BTW), let's just say that he certainly fits the rock star criteria:One of the things that will get your attention early on is that 'David' does not have the common reaction when his new wife wakes up from the tequila induced coma, she doesn't recognize him so he feels rejected...But let's recap: after the paparazzi incident, 'Evelyn' flies to LA to dissolve the marriage, hoping to get back to her normal life...yeah, like that's gonna happen!?And the fantasy begins! Without giving too much away, you can expect some swoon-worthy moments, sexy banter and angst (and in my opinion, angst + rock star means double the fun). And of course that, eventually, they get their wedding night... and wedding morning, afternoon ... get the idea, just expect some creative STEAMY moments - I guarantee you will not be disappointed!'Lick' is a fun, sexy, hot read. A page-turner, really engaging and the writing is excellent. This is the 1st book of the 'Stage Dive' series (NO cliffhanger BTW). Can't wait for the second book! Are you interested? F*CK YEAH, right?! So, if you haven't read it yet: Read on! And enjoy your first stage-dive!