God-Shaped Hole - Tiffanie DeBartolo
It seems fitting to start this review with a quote by the unique, phenomenal,beautiful artist that inspired this story - Jeff Buckley. The words he used to express the way he felt about his music also describe what I search when I'm reading a book or listening to music and the way 'God-Shaped Hole' by Tiffanie DeBartolo makes me feel."Sometimes the most consequential moments in my life originate from a state of completely witless human autopilot." It's a crave for something real that leads Beatrice 'Trixie' Jordan to Jacob Grace, a writer, a dreamer, someone who changes her life forever."...I caught sight of his eyes. (...) I sensed in them a splash of irony, too; a proud acceptance of the fact that life can be a bitch sometimes, that some people feel things to deeply. I always felt like that myself, that I didn't marry into the landscape of the human world like others did, that I was on the outside looking in. (...) I'd never seen that look on another face before, had never identified it in another person...."So, they meet..."What do you say we mark this day - the day we met - by buying each other a record?"