Point of No Return - Tiffany Snow
3 STARS for Point of No Return (Kathleen Turner, #5)

4 STARS for the Kathleen Turner series.

Since this is the final book of the series I think I should also rate it as a whole so, the second rating reflects my overall enjoyment of the Kathleen Turner series but, to be honest, this final book, I didn't enjoy it as much (2 STARS for the first part and 3-3.5 for the rest).

After the 4th installment - Out of Turn -that, in my opinion, was the best of the series- my expectations were high for this last book but I felt that the direction it took, just created unnecessary drama.

back and forth - back and forth - back and forth

There was some disappointing options with the character development and overused, unoriginal and predictable plot devices.

Why, oh why, oh why ?

So yeah pop some candy or drink some booze and blame it on the hormones (ice cream worked for me)

While I loved the final outcome HELLYEAH to the dark knight in black armor

...the road to get there was not the most enjoyable one, it was one hell of a ride on the drama-llama.

Still, there were some good surprises along the way and some enjoyable heartwarming moments(although there was also lots of CHEESE towards the end) and delicious sexy times.

Despite its flaws, I had some fun while reading this book and that's the thing about this series: it's FUN, addictive and highly entertaining.

Overall, I really liked the Kathleen Turner series by Tiffany Snow, it is a great read: action-packed, suspenseful, sexy, funny, well written and engaging. I'm looking forward to the spin-off.

Thanks for the BR ladies! <3