Beautiful Ink (Forever Inked Novel, #1) - Nicole Reed
DNF at 28%

Beautiful Ink had a really good start, the prologue is a shocker, it really captures your attention and I was impressed with the detail given by the author to the MC work as a tattoo artist. I really liked that but, at some point, it was like the story evolved to your average NA book with a girl running from her past, then in her first interaction with the male MC, she gives him a tattoo, they exchange a few words and somehow it's like BAAM! they establish a deep connection.

That was an insta turn off to me, I really don't mind an insta-attraction when it's done with subtlety, but that "intense" connection between the couple felt unrealistic. Then the writing got unnecessarily descriptive and the guy started dropping some cheesy lines on their second (fortuitous) encounter, after that, it was an insta DNF for me.