Dirty Red (Love Me With Lies, #2) - Tarryn Fisher
I'm not coherent enough to write a proper review, the 'Thief' anxiety is killing me and I can't concentrate. I know that I'll re-read this great book again- some time in the future when I'm feeling masochistic enough - but I have to say that I loved DR as much as I loved The Opportunist- 'Love Me With Lies' is definitely my favorite series.I could go on and on about Leah's flaws, but I think the general idea we get from reading this book is this: "Some people never change. I guess I'm one of them."- Leah's words. There's no forgiveness for her, so here it goes:Dear Leah,Where do 'DIRTY REDs' go when they die?They don't go to heaven where the angels flyGo down to the lake of fire and frySee them again till the Fourth of July"Lake of Fire by Nirvana(original by the 'Meat Puppets' - with minor adaptations by me)Sincerely, Ana RitaPS: You are still my favorite villain