Come Alive - Karina Halle
5 Stars +EVERYONE SHOULD meet DEX AND PERRY!! Let me start by saying that there was a time when I really wasn't into reading paranormal/horror, then, one afternoon, I came across this series, long-story short: I'm addicted to it! And when you see such passionate 'Dex' and 'Perry' fans, so much excitement towards a book release, combined with all the great reviews /well-deserved praise that this series has been receiving...that speaks for itself! That said, I had extremely high expectations for this book and, again, they were more than exceeded. I'm not going to get into bigger details (there are so many great reviews already and I'm sure many more to come) so, I'll keep it simple: 'Come Alive'- best freakin' book in the whole series. PERFECTION! A page-turner and as usual: brilliant writing, engaging storyline, entertaining, sexy, hilarious, wickedly fun and so has it all! In this book, like 'Perry', I just missed 'Ada' ;) This series just keeps getting better and better, I can't wait to read the next one (only two more books until the end *sob*, on that note, thankgod for the 'Little fifteen' spin-off! - I hope there's a 'little'-Dex in there too! *grin*) An amazingly talented writer! THANK YOU Karina!! P.S.A kiss to all the buddy read ‘kiddos’ and to all the 'Dex-addicts' out there!