Ambrosia (Book Boyfriend, #2) - Erin Noelle
4 Butterflies Yesterday, I was reading another book but I wasn’t really into it, so I decided to finish that one later and start another.While I was choosing what to read next, I thought: Screw the cliffhanger, I miss Ash, I’m not going to wait for the 3rd book, let’s read ‘Ambrosia’! Oh Ash *swoon*The next time I kiss you, it’s forever. I won’t let go again.Let me start by saying that I have mixed feelings about this series, I remember that when I read ‘Metamorphosis’, in the beginning of the book I wasn’t really connecting with the story (mostly because of Scarlett) but I didn’t give up and caught myself really engrossed in it and ended up loving it. Despite my unquestionable support to TEAM ASH, I think it makes perfect sense for Scarlett to be with Mason when she returns. In the beginning of this book, I really thought she was more mature, but of course I was wrong, and what happened with Max just proved that, she’s supposed to help him cope with Evie’s loss, but not that way (and no, you can’t blame the tequila!) Scarlett *grrrr*After reading ‘Ambrosia’, I have a Love-Hate relationship with it, the writing is really good and I love the story (and Ash) but Scarlett really frustrates me and I think she really needs to grow up. The thing is, despite my feelings towards Scarlett, the story is really engaging and it was great to read Ash and Mason’s POV, especially Ash - he’s really mature and more than redeems himself in this book, the problem is, I think Mason is going to play the guilt card in the next book and I don’t think that things are going to be easy for Ash so, I predict a lot of angst.But then again, with this series, we never know what to expect, I gave it 4 stars exactly because of that surprise factor and also because of the conflicted emotions this story provokes in me and how engaging it is (4AM and I was still reading it), I could not put this book down! That said, I really hope that Scarlett changes, really, she needs another metamorphosis in the third book so she can, finally, be with Ash!That’s your reminder that I love you. Always and Forever. You’re my Psyche and I’m your Eros