Frigid - J. Lynn,  Jennifer L. Armentrout
❄ The ultimate friends-to-lovers winter wonderland ❄Meet Sydney and KylerSydney is a regular girl, a little bit of a control freak but she’s also really funny - an adorable and likeable character. Kyler is a loveable-player and like Syd says: "Kyler… yeah, he put that ‘oo’ in swoon." They are childhood best friends, Sydney is deeply in love with Kyler but, she hides her feelings and has to watch his ‘player’ ways, while Kyler has Sydney on a pedestal and tries to rationalize and deny his feelings for her. They are stuck in the friend-zone… but its winter break, and these two are about to go to a ski-resort with some friends, meanwhile, with some help from mother-nature…...there is a snowstorm, their friends can’t get to the sky resort and Sydney and Kyler are: Alone, Together. Sooner or later, they have to deal with the feelings they have for each other and while their relationship develops to something more, there are plenty of 'stomach in knots', awkward situations and misunderstandings, but eventually, there are also some sweet momentsBut don’t think this is all just snowflakes and marshmallows, there are some surprising HOT moments (that could melt an iceberg) provided by 'Teacher' KylerAnd along the way, there are other circumstances that really keep you engaged in the story. That said, this book is angsty from the first page, it’s a page-turner and, as usual with this author, the writing is excellent.It’s a wonderful reading experience, I only wish it was snowing outside and I was sipping hot cocoa while reading it - that would be bliss ;)That said, if you are a “romangsty” addict who loves friends-to-lovers stories then ‘Frigid’ should be your next read! ❄Loved it! Read it!❄ ❄This was an awesome Buddy Read with my darling Kit Cat ❄♥ MUAH