Out from Under You - Sophie Swift
'Out from under you' is 'Lia' Smart and Grayson Walker's story. Lia is a quirky and lovable character - she wants to be a comic book artist, but when her mother abandoned her family, she decided to drop-out of college to manage her mother's Italian bistro and save her family's restaurant.When we first meet Lia she's waiting for Alex, her sister, to arrive from New York, but she's not expecting her sister's ex-boyfriend, Grayson Walker, to suddenly reappear in her life. When Grayson meets Lia again he is surprised with how much his girlfriend's little sister - 'the tomboy who wore oversized T-shirts and read comic books' - has changed. He tries to deny the effect (insta-lust) Lia has on him and tries to fight his new feelings for her girlfriend's sister.This could be bad.Very. Very. Bad.In the first half of the book there are some flashback chapters and we find out that Lia actually met Grayson before her sister did, but she was younger than both of them and Alex and Grayson quickly fell for each other.And there it was again.A locking of eyes. A shortness of breath. A fluttering of hearts.Two kindred souls trapped inside a timeless world.And I was watching it all from the outside.So, years later, when Lia finally thought she was over Grayson, he is back in her life and worse: he is engaged with her sister. But she's also caught off guard when her long-time secret crush starts reciprocating her feelings.Which is a recipe for disaster...but what a spicy disaster it is...steamy snippet for the naughty readerHis hand pushes my leg further up the wall as he thrusts himself deeper inside me. He bends and straightens his knees, his whole body heaving up and down. The slickness of the water on our skin makes everything frictionless. I snake my hands around the back of his head, tangling my fingers into his sopping hair. His head becomes the leverage I need to move with him. To propel him faster and harder through me.Every time his torso slams against me, I cry out in intense pleasure.But given the circumstances it's also bittersweet, full of agony and guilt."Love is an earthquake. It comes when you least expect it. It shakes your foundation to the core. It rips the ground clear away.Right out from under you."This book was a great surprise, I loved it, the writing is really good and I'm looking forward to read the next book of the series (no cliffhanger, though). It's funny, full of sexual tension and hot moments, I was having so much fun reading this book I didn't want it to end and yes, in part it's because I love angsty stories and this one is full of it. That said, if you are an angsty addict too, don't miss the chance to read 'Out from under you'.