Love Thy Neighbour - Belle Aurora
4.5 'I want to be haunted by this Ghost' STARS Along with the 1st book in the series, 'Love Thy Neighbour', is one of the funniest books I've read this year. Really well written, I love every single character in the series and in this second book, the heroine is fantastic. You've got to love Natalie...'I could easily be mistaken for Jessica Rabbit. And I love playing the role of seductress.' 'I wouldn’t say I’m a slut. I’m just in touch with my inner slut. And, let me tell you, she rocks.'Then we have Ghost/Asher...'Every girl wants a bad boy who is only good to her.We all want to tame a wild beast. And Ghost is as wild as a man comes.'I guarantee you will melt every time he says something like: "Okay, pretty girl?"Any kind of relationship between the two it's bound to be explosive, so they deny the feelings they have for each other and as you can imagine that means that the sexual tension is off the charts. I'm not going to give many more details because I don't want to spoil the fun, but just know that this book has it all: great/strong characters; Sexual tension...HOT/torrid/caliente/'need a cold shower after reading' moments...and the right amount of angst for all the romangsty addicts out there!!You know, sometimes when you're reading a book that it's suppose to be funny but, the humour seems forced? Well in this series it's the opposite, the humour is smart, really funny and sexy. It's not only laughs though, there's a major jerk "whose name rhymes with asshole" and other complications in their way, but there's also some "swoon-tastic" moments. Overall, really entertaining, engaging and hilarious. So what are you waiting for "pretty girl"? Buy some cupcakes (seriously, you're gonna need them), read the 'Friend-Zoned' series and have a blast! Belle Aurora: more, soon, please, thank you!