Bully (Fall Away, #1) - Penelope Douglas
4 'FUN.FUN.FUN' STARS'Bully' was a really pleasant surprise. I really liked the story and the characters, especially the female character, she's not weak,doesn't care for nonsense and got spunk- a Metal chick (how cool is that!?).In my opinion, the author did a really great job with the way she approached bullying without diminishing the issue The plot is very well developed, entertaining and engaging, I could not put this book down - didn't see that one coming and I love when that happens! Oh and all that ANGST... there are some major OMG.WTF moments in the story that will surprise you and will leave you wanting more, and finally the sexual tension...and of course there are some sexy/romantic and swoon-worthy moments...So, if (like me) you are an angsty-romance addict, can't help to crush on major jerks/players with 'muscle cars' and are a sucker for this "childhood-friends-enemy-to-lovers" stories (or childhood--frenemies-to-lovers ?!)... I guarantee you will love Bully!LOVED IT! READ IT! HAVE FUN!